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: Dance, Pop
: www.kateryan.be
: Kate Ryan
: Welcome to my new website. It took some time to finish it but it was definitely worth waiting for. We created a completely new & fresh look with new photos, chart positions, new releases, agenda, newsletter and of course guestbook, which I hope you will all sign in the future. I am very happy with the result and I hope you will be too. At last I want to thank everybody who worked on this project, you did a great job!


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At just 25, and with over a million record sales under her belt, Kate Ryan is a hot young singer/songwriter with a passion and ability to match her success. In a time of instant celebrity and pop idol style fame, hers is a refreshing story of achievement through sheer talent and hard work.
It became obvious at a young age that Kate had a natural flair for music; born in a small village in Belgium to a musical family, she would entertain everyone with her impressions of Madonna, complete with red Spanish La Isla Bonita dress lovingly made in miniature by her grandmother. Whilst everyone in her family played an instrument, by age eight Kate had mastered both the piano and guitar, finding that she could play anything that she heard on the radio almost immediately.
In addition to lessons in piano and singing techniques from her aunt, a teacher at the prestigious Conservatory, Kate studied at art school, specialising in jewellery design. In her (very limited!) spare time, she still makes rings and trinkets for her friends, who often ask her to design pieces for them.
Shes also designed a best selling range of the clubbers essential sunglasses as shes a bit of an eyewear addict herself.
But it was always Kates dream to become a singer, and she could frequently be found armed with a guitar and singing in bars, cafes, and clubs. It was at one such gig, aged 16, that she was approached by a manager who wanted her to record in the studio. She consequently became a member of a pop group, Melt, performing soft rock and pop, something that she absolutely loved. But after two years composing and recording with them, nothing was released commercially.
A twist of fate saw Kate meet with her current manager, and quit Melt. He introduced her to producer Andy Janssens, and the pair began to write together, everything from ballads to pop, R&B and trance oriented tracks. Their debut single was the aptly titled Scream For More - it shot to Number 2 in the charts, something virtually unheard of for a teenage newcomer.
I was really surprised to go top 5 in Belgium, for an unknown artist its just great. People didnt know me, and to be honest, I was just really happy the first time I heard my voice on the radio! I couldnt believe it. And Im so happy that I got the chance to do it because many people would love to do what I do Im really thankful for it.
Her following singles stormed the charts, with her cover of Mylene Farmers Désenchantée sitting on the top spot for five weeks and going double platinum in Belgium. Aside from its success at home, Désenchantée was a true international success reaching the following peak positions in national singles charts across Europe: 2 in Germany (gold!!), 3 in Austria, 3in Norway, 4 in Holland, 4 in Sweden, 7 in Spain, 11 in Switzerland, 11 in Denmark, 12 in France, 12 in Portugal and 9 in the European Top 100 singles. Kates debut album Different went on to sell more than 250,000 copies in Europe alone and generated 2 further international hits with Libertine (another cover of Mylene Farmer) and Scream For More/Mon Coeur résiste Encore. Now, Kate and her team are amongst Belgiums most respected dance singer-songwriters. And as well as her own material Kate writes and composes for other artists, working with producers across a wide of genres.
Its great because I dont have to write in one style, I write R&B, pop, rock; its nice for me to explore such a varied scope.
Indeed, much of the depth of Kates tracks can be found in the diverse range of her natural talents her passion for rock feeds into her dance tracks to give a unique and credible sound. Her strong and evocative voice soars over the sort of peak time tracks that would bring a dance-floor to its knees anywhere in the world, and she is equally comfortable singing in French or English. Her lyrics are a far cry from the often sparse or inconsequential chorus of lesser quality dance tracks, something that is hallmarked by her strong album sales.
All the songs that I write are about my own emotions, my own feelings, and things that I see in other people sadness, happiness - I went through a lot of things in my life, sad things, happy things, and all the lyrics and songs I write are about things I experience. I think thats really important. Sometimes people think you just write something about the sun or the birds and the bees but its really about things I feel myself.
Indeed, Kates life has been touched by an unrelenting mix of highs and lows, most visibly in 2001 when in November, at the end of a breakthrough year and top chart success, her mum, whom Kate describes as her biggest fan, tragically lost her battle with cancer. Though heartbreaking for Kate, she remains a pillar of professionalism, and the thoroughly upbeat, bubbly and down to earth girl that she has always been. My mum always believed in me, says Kate. She always supported me in my dream of becoming a singer."
Though a consummate all-rounder, Kates favourite aspect of the job has always been the performing, because then you see reactions from people, and you have contact with the fans. She spends most of her time travelling, something that suits her fine as she has most of her ideas for new tracks in unusual places
Sometimes Ill be in a plane or taxi or a train, or in bed, and I think about something; I always have a recorder with me so I can get it all down!
Indeed, this organic style is the only way Kate will write. If you said I have to write a song right now, its an obligation then I couldnt do it!
Kate has blown away audiences everywhere with her emotive, catchy tracks, from small Spanish clubs, to huge festivals singing in front of almost a million people in Berlin at an anniversary celebration of the fall of the Berlin wall is one of her most mind-blowing memories, and a far cry from the cafes where she started.
Funnily enough, because shes always travelling at the weekends, Kates own big club night out is Monday, and whilst other celebrities lounge around in VIP members bars, she hits her local club.
Nice people, nice music. I always try to have Monday night and Tuesday off Monday to go clubbing and Tuesday to sleep til noon! Belgium is known for its dance music, and has a lot of great clubs and artists. I know the girls, I know the boys, Ian Van Dahl, Lasgo, Milk Inc, theyre all very nice people with both feet on the ground. Thats what I like, normal people who like to party and who like to have fun.
Belgiums equivalent of Kylie, Kate is recognised all the time in Belgium but seems unfazed by the attention. Its part of the job, of course. People like to come up and say Can I have an autograph?, and Arent you that singer?!, and Im always friendly because theyre always so nice. Theyre always quite shy, and I really have respect for them. Thats one of the reason I love doing this so much, the respect of the fans is so special to me.
Its easy to believe Kate when she says that shes still the same person as she was 5 years ago My lifes changed a lot but Im still the same person, with the same friends.
Her new album, Stronger, which includes the single Only If I, indicates a new maturity and confidence both musically and personally. Her first release Different represented her early forays into the industry, whilst she acknowledges that the new album is more individual.
I think this album is more mature than the last one, as am I. Its been almost cathartic for me to explore the challenges Ive faced through my lyrics. There are songs about love, of course, good love, bad love; its really about things that Ive experienced myself. I have memories on every song. I actually like them so much I cant choose a favourite, theyre like your children!
And because Ive been doing so many performances, Ive trained my voice a lot more, and you can hear a big difference from the first album.

Kates also used the 14 tracks as an opportunity to explore the many different influences that inspire her. There are various styles: dance/pop, and a little funk, as well as two ballads.Stronger also includes The Promise You Made, Kates own take on the 1986 hit from US pop act Cock Robin.
At the present time Kate works very hard on her third album. The ongoing evolution of Kate on artistic area will astonish many of her fans. It will become an album on which Kate will not only confirm her values but where she will without any doubt manage to charm everyone! Pop-dance will be the main genre on this album. For this Album, Kate is working with several international songwriters and producers but of course a lot of songs will come from the hand of Kate herself and that is all we will tell you at this moment! Let me surprise you are the only words Kate will add to it.
"Je t'adore" is the first single from this album and also the song with which Kate, after a very exciting final, won the Belgian Eurosong 2006 and therefore will represent Belgium in Athens on May 18th and hopefully also May 20th.
This outstanding single was released in Belgium on February 15th and went straight to # 1 in the Ultratop, the Belgian National Sales Chart and stayed there for several weeks. After only 2 weeks of sale, Je tadore exceeded GOLD sales figures!
The first half of 2006 is a very busy period for Kate. Besides finishing her new album, she is also very busy with her participation on the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). During month of April she will be on Promo tour all over Europe - Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland and Germany - in all these countries Kate will show the best of herself.
The few moments she will be in Belgium, will be entirely spent on appointments with fashion designers, choreographs and dancers to make sure that her act will be perfect for May 18th!
It will be very busy with all the promo actions, radios, press interviews, TV shows but as I like what I do, Im absolutely ok with it!
Her international success makes it a bit easier on this promo tour. I do think they already know me over there. The songs Desenchantée and Only If I were very popular all over Europe but it always feels kind of odd when I have to say: Yes, I am a Star because I dont see myself like one."
As for the future, Kate is optimistic about her chosen path.
Id like to keep having success with my music, keep travelling, performing, composing and recording. Id also like to stay true to my roots, with smaller gigs in intimate venues.
With this sort of talent and determination, the number of countries under Kates spell can only continue to grow.

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